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This is the official data repository for Edo State
Government. It provides an easy way to find,
access and reuse public datasets from the State
Government, international organizations and
non-state actors.


This dataset contain year 2019 approved budget estimates for Edo State.

This dataset contain implemented micro-projects by sector

This dataset contain Edo-CSDP cost and disbursement of funds to micro-projects (2009-2013)

Edo-CSDP (additional financing) cost and disbursement of funds to micro-projects from 2009-2013...

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We hope this data will become a platform for improving transparency, catalyzing innovation, and enabling social and economic development. We encourage all users to leverage the information in this portal to develop tools and applications which benefit all Edo State citizens.


The category showcases datasets generated from the processes of governing within Edo State; whether undertaken by the...

This category contains data-sets of the state economic development.

Datasets drawn from this category covers everyday management of government parastatals

Category contains datasets on agriculture management, development, problems and its sustenance in Edo State